Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

How to Make Money From Other People's Products


Affiliate Marketing: The No-Hassle, Side hustle

Many entrepreneurs decide to start affiliate marketing as a way to increase their income, it’s the perfect side hustle! No product creation, no delivery hassles…
Just a great way to add value to your audience, and be paid for giving advice.

In fact, some find over time that this becomes a major income stream!  

The idea of affiliate marketing is often sold as a fast way to make money,  that involves zero-work and is all play,  which leads to a lot of confused and overwhelmed people thinking that affiliate marketing is a con, and they’re never going to make any extra cash.

If only affiliate marketing was that easy!

But the truth is, affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be hard.  

Affiliate marketing when done right can be highly profitable.  
But get it wrong and you can be in serious trouble with the ASA and the FTC.  

What is Affiliate Marketing?
A business (the merchant) pays an individual or company (the affiliate) a commission for sales, clicks, or leads. You apply to the merchant to join their program.
If you don’t ‘sell’, you don’t earn -  you are a commission only sales person.

Your commissions are tracked through an ‘affiliate link’ that contains a unique code. When a customer clicks that link and performs the required action, the affiliate receives a commission.

This is a great way to monetize your audience between launches, in your autoresponder sequence, and throughout your content.   I first stumbled across affiliate marketing by accident, and a lot of bloggers were talking about it, but it never quite clicked.
Until it did.

 I couldn’t believe that I thought it was bad to include an affiliate link after I’d done hours of research, testing and trying something out. It seemed natural to say “If you find this useful, here’s my affiliate link”.  

 When done well, affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to generate an income, or an additional revenue stream.  

 Want to get started earning affiliate commissions yourself?  

I’ve created Affiliate Marketing from Scratch so you can start generating income from affiliate marketing right away!  

 You’re going to go through a step-by-step, 5-module course that will help you create a practical Affiliate Marketing Strategy and show you not only how to get started, but how to choose products your audience will love.  No experience is needed, this is affiliate marketing for beginners.

But you won't stop there!   You’ll discover how to recognize what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer, so that you can position yourself to maximize your affiliate income (ensuring your hard work pays off)

You’ll establish a niche you are passionate about, giving you the drive to continuously generate more commissions.  

And, you’ll identify the products and services that your target audience will be most interested in, so you can choose affiliate marketing programs that are worth spending time promoting.

You'll love that mindset elements are blended into the content, so you complete the training and gain the mindset to become a successful affiliate marketer!

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