Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

How to Make Money From Other People's Products

Affiliate Marketing: The No-Hassle, Side Hustle

What is Affiliate Marketing? And How Does It Work?

 A business (the merchant) pays an individual or company (the affiliate) a commission for sales, clicks, or leads. You apply to the merchant to join their program. If you don’t ‘sell’, you don’t earn -  you are a commission only sales person.  

Your commissions are tracked through an ‘affiliate link’ that contains a unique code.

When a prospect clicks that link and performs the required action, the affiliate receives a commission.

  This is a great way to monetize your audience between launches, in your autoresponder sequence, and throughout your content.   I first stumbled across affiliate marketing by accident, and a lot of bloggers were talking about it, but it never quite clicked. Until it did. But... Affiliate marketing had such an awful reputation. People trashed it at every opportunity.

 I couldn’t believe that I thought it was bad to include an affiliate link after I’d done hours of research, testing and trying something out. It seemed natural to say “If you find this useful, here’s my affiliate link”. When done well, affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to generate an income, or an additional revenue stream.  Affiliate marketing isn't bad, but there are a lot of bad affiliate marketers...

Many entrepreneurs decide to start affiliate marketing as a way to increase their income, it’s the perfect side hustle! No product creation, no delivery hassles…
 Just a great way to add value to your audience, and be paid for giving advice.  
In fact, some find over time that this becomes a major income stream!  
 The idea of affiliate marketing is often sold as a fast way to make money,  that involves zero-work and is all play,  which leads to a lot of confused and overwhelmed people thinking that affiliate marketing is a con, and they’re never going to make any extra cash.

 If only affiliate marketing was that easy!
 But the truth is, affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be hard.    
Affiliate marketing when done right can be highly profitable.  
But get it wrong and you can be in serious trouble with the ASA and the FTC.  

  • Additional income to your business
  • Can be passive in places
  • Helps your audience when done right
  • A great way to monetise your blog content
  • Don't have to create any products, deal with after sale support or customer service!
  • Gives your audience the tools they need when they need it without having to create
  • Helps cement your expertise
  • Builds great connections with your peers
  • Increases your competitive advantage

What's Inside The Affiliate Marketing From Scratch Course?

Our courses are delivered by video, and come with a course book which is a complete transcript (perfect if you read faster than watching) and an action guide so you can implement your new skills right away! 

Module 1: Affiliate Marketing 101

After you've watched the introduction and download your guides, you'll get a proper understanding of affiliate marketing here. 

Module 2: Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

In this module we'll look at where you can start, and looking at what you've already got! 

Module 3: Choosing What To Promote

In this module we'll go through how to select the right products for your audience, and how to find those elusive affiliate programs. 

Module 4: Polish Your Presence & Your Content

Taking the next steps involves creating attractive content that not only does the heavy lifting for you, but increases your following! 

Module 5: It's a Wrap

Here we recap all that you've discovered and help you with those all important next steps! 

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

Video Training

Work at your own pace with our video training. Packed with engaging slides and anecdotes - learning new skills has never been more fun! 

Course Book

Prefer reading? Our course book means you never have to watch a video if you don't want to! It also means you have something to download and scribble on as you watch the course. 

Action Guide

Each module comes with a set of action steps so you can immediately implement your new skills. You will have a complete action plan from the guide upon completion of the course! 

About The Course Creators

Kevin and Sarah Arrow have marketed their businesses online since 2006, and developed online courses since 2012.

They developed a passion for marketing small businesses when people kept approaching them for help and support with their business.

As course instructors, they ensure that the most up to date learning techniques are in their learning portal, and are confident that their easy to follow training will help you get the results you're looking for!

Kevin and Sarah have 3 children, and 2 of their daughters are international martial arts champions. They also have a German Shepherd, and a cat that rules the household.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it... Here's what some of our happy customers and clients say about our training! 

I consider myself a pretty savvy business owner, but I can get in my own way from time to time. One session with Sarah and I’m back on track with more clarity and focus than before. Sarah doesn’t do gobbley gook speak, she spoke like a real human, and understood my challenges, even when I didn’t, and she went above and beyond to help me. I couldn’t recommend anyone more, book a call and see for yourself, she’s brilliant!

Alice Miriam

Kevin helped me get on the right track providing so much value in the short time we met. After putting the pieces in to place, it was time to meet again. This time my business was on a new path and Kevin was able to steer in the right direction making full use of my platform and marketing tools, ensuring I continue to provide immense value for my customers and anyone else who interacts with my business. Can’t wait to see the results of our latest action plan! We will definitely be catching up again soon! Thanks

Darren Quinn

Kevin Arrow is a gifted online course expert. He masterfully guided me to explore new possibilities in the domain of course creation. His wisdom runs deep. His commitment to quality outcomes is of the highest order. Each question I posed to him was met with well-articulated answers. Kevin effortlessly demonstrates that not only is he a subject matter expert, but he has a unique gift for transferring his knowledge to others in a way that is motivating and inspires immediate implementation. I recommend Kevin without reservation for online course development trainings and consultations, as well as launch consultations.

Ozioma Egwuonwu

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  • Additional income stream without being scummy, sleazy or spammy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Good question.

People get online courses for many reasons. Sometimes they just want to learn one element, or they want the bonuses. If this is you, then it will work for you. Others want to learn from the content and boost their skillset. Most people find when they follow our courses they get their desired outcome at the end.

However, if you are the sort of person that buys courses and never looks at them, then it will not work for you. As good as we are at delivering, incredible, actionable content we've yet to master downloading it directly into your brain.

If you are the sort of person that prefers 1-2-1 attention, most people find that booking that option is perfect for them and that a course like this will not fulfil that need.

This works best for small business owners who want to add extra revenue streams to their content. It's also perfect for those who have an audience and are exploring ways to monetise it!

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