Are you ready to grow your online visibilty?

Invisible businesses can't thrive in today's climate. You need the skills to become visible to your 5-star clients, and to deliver your content in the way that you feel comfortable. You don't have to do this alone! 

If your business is invisible, it's not growing.
 The good news is we've got all the marketing skills you'll need!
And we share them with you in our courses!

From email marketing to discovery calls to content marketing we've got the training course to develop and grow your business

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Online Visibility Academy

Video Training

Work at your own pace with our video training. Packed with engaging slides and anecdotes - learning new skills has never been more fun! 

Course Book

Prefer reading? Our course book means you never have to watch a video if you don't want to! It also means you have something to download and scribble on as you watch the course. 

Action Guide

Each module comes with a set of action steps so you can immediately implement your new skills. You will have a complete action plan from the guide upon completion of the course! 

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it... Here's what some of our happy customers and clients say about our training! 

I consider myself a pretty savvy business owner, but I can get in my own way from time to time. One session with Sarah and I’m back on track with more clarity and focus than before. Sarah doesn’t do gobbley gook speak, she spoke like a real human, and understood my challenges, even when I didn’t, and she went above and beyond to help me. I couldn’t recommend anyone more, book a call and see for yourself, she’s brilliant!

Alice Miriam

Kevin helped me get on the right track providing so much value in the short time we met. After putting the pieces in to place, it was time to meet again. This time my business was on a new path and Kevin was able to steer in the right direction making full use of my platform and marketing tools, ensuring I continue to provide immense value for my customers and anyone else who interacts with my business. Can’t wait to see the results of our latest action plan! We will definitely be catching up again soon! Thanks

Darren Quinn

Kevin Arrow is a gifted online course expert. He masterfully guided me to explore new possibilities in the domain of course creation. His wisdom runs deep. His commitment to quality outcomes is of the highest order. Each question I posed to him was met with well-articulated answers. Kevin effortlessly demonstrates that not only is he a subject matter expert, but he has a unique gift for transferring his knowledge to others in a way that is motivating and inspires immediate implementation. I recommend Kevin without reservation for online course development trainings and consultations, as well as launch consultations.

Ozioma Egwuonwu

About The Founders

Since 2006 we have been marketing online our businesses and that of our clients and we have built The Online Visibility Academy with all of it's trainings to help YOU market your business online.

What makes us different to any other Digital Marketing Training Organisation?
1- We have been marketing online for over 16 years
2- We still get amazing results for our clients
3- We are delivering results based training every single week
4- We run the longest running and most subscribed to Blogging challenge EVER
5- We owned the largest multi author blog in Europe and it was recognised by Forbes for 3 years running
6- WE STILL market our own businesses online and gain new clients every day!
7-Every month we are receiving testimonials and reviews on how our training is helping business owners online

Sarah's knowledge and insight into blogging is invaluable. I have read some of her books and taken some of her courses. She has offered support to so many people over the years. Her advice is always just what I am looking for

Rebecca Bradshaw

A day with Sarah is like a week with another coach. We nailed it. I am a marketing coach, my message and tribe is evolving. We sorted my new message,package ideas, copy, got a new website up in an afternoon and optimised SEO. What a lady. 

Jo Soley,
Marketing coach

Sarah did a stunning job on my website, not only on look-and-feel but also functionality. To say I was stunned and impressed was an understatement. I will recommend Sarah to any business big or small, she will change the way you look at online for the better!

Simon Twilley
Video Production

Wow Sarah, Thank you so much for all of the great attention you have bought my business. Your excellent at what you do and I find you a pleasure to work with. I have had great comments about my Blogging site and thats all thanks to you. Great Work, Fantastic Results, I look forward to working with you more.

Kim Ovel
Virtual Services