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What the heck is Plan-Tastic?

Great question, thanks for asking.
You might have noticed already that we're really, really productive. And it's not just because we have a team helping us, it's because we plan everything.
In that gap between Christmas and New Year we plan and schedule all of our own content. Just us, me and Sarah.
How do we do it? It's easy...
We created planners that we use in our own business to brainstorm and get things ready to be unleashed on the world.
We don't ever start from scratch, and we don't ever get fazed by a blank page because there isn't one...

Why start from scratch when you have plan-tastic?

We don't keep our plan-tastic planners to ourselves. Nope. We share them with our VIP clients, and our VIP circle. We add them to our courses to make the lives of our students easier, and every now and then we release them and make them available to special people like you.
And they're really easy to use...

Step one...

Download the planner that you want to work with. 

Step two...

Print the planner, or drop it into Canva and type on the Screen. For the best results we recommend you write by hand, but the choice is yours

Step three...

Complete the steps in the planners. You can complete one step a day, and it will take roughly a week to complete, or you can sit back with a coffee and complete in an afternoon.
And that's it...

The Planners in Plan-tastic:

Kevin Arrow

Sarah Arrow

Lynn Kuo

Assistant Concertmaster

Kevin is incredibly patient and generous with his expertise. I have been so appreciative of his guidance in building this aspect of my online business. He genuinely wants you to succeed and encourages you to move at a rapid pace but without making you feel overwhelmed. Thanks so much, Kevin!

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