Facebook Events Kit

Create an Additional Revenue Stream with Facebook Events

Facebook Events Kit Summary

The most popular social media channel for businesses, Facebook, offers a variety of tools to boost audience engagement. One of them you might not have considered using is Facebook Events. In this kit you’ll discover how to use Facebook Events to engage your audience!
Just login and go to the course area where you will find a welcome video, and these 8 documents that will walk you through creating the perfect Facebook event.
From setting up, to promoting your Facebook event you'll love how easy it is to add an additional revenue stream to your business, and enhance your online communities.


Sarah Arrow


Course Pricing

  • Guide To Using Facebook Events
  • £17

    The Online Visibility Academy’s Guide To Using Facebook Events to Engage Your Audience & Checklists

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  • Facebook Event Planner- Use this Planner to come up with a plan, brainstorm
  • How to Set Up Your Facebook Event Checklist
  • How to Promote Your Event Checklist
  • What to Do Before Tickets Go on Sale Checklist
  • What to do When Tickets Go on Sale Checklist
  • What to Do When Your Event is Live Checklist
  • Engaging Those Who Have Showed Interest or are Going to Your Event Checklis
  • Understanding Your Event Insights