You Don't Have To Market Your Digital Downloads / Printables / Ebooks The Painful Way...

You've got a digital product (printable, download, ebook) and you've got a blog...

So how do you launch your product and utilise all that you have with your blog?

And why would you even want to do that????  

Hey, this is Sarah, co-founder of the Online Visibility Academy, and I'll keep this short and to the point...

 I used to suck at launching things.

I'd make one social media update and then sit back with my fingers crossed...  

And a week later I'd wonder why I hadn't made more than one sale, and that was to my business bestie...  
I felt that as a blogger, I couldn't do a launch as launches were for other business people, they weren't for me.  

And then my husband told me "This is isn't a business, this is a hobby, and you need to get a job..." Ouch...

Here's What Happened Next...

I did a launch.
A soft, email only launch. And I spoke about the ebook with a passion that I'd never shown before.
And I sold a lot more of them! Huzzah! No back to work for me, heck no!

But I quickly realised whilst this was better, it wasn't a launch and I couldn't outsource it if I didn't have a plan.

I spent the next two years working it out, and then I remembered my blog.

Yeah, I'm a blogger, I may have mentioned that once or twice before. I had a launch plan but I had to ensure that my blog matched the launch!

Quite often a launch doesn't include the blog, it's all ads and crossing your fingers.

That's when I realised that all my launching experience was one that was different, and that there were a lot of other people out there with a blog looking to make more from it! 

Blogging is Better With Digital Products

Digital Products enable you to create a revenue stream for your blog, and to start generating an income. 

Launching Gives You Cash

Yep, launching gives your blog a cash injection and it's a great way to fund your lifestyle. Not launching makes your hubby unhappy and you miss out on helping the people you want to help

Cash Gives You Freedom

When you have extra money you have more freedom in your life. You can do what you want, and you can do it when you want. However, you will always be chasing the bucks if your blog isn't working!

Ready to move forward? 

The way I see it is you have a couple of options...

Option 1

You can continue working on revamping your blog to make more visible. You might get there eventually, or you might get side-tracked by other things. 

Option 2

You stop half-assing launches and learn them properly.  This is the easy option, and you'll find that if you take it, you'll never regret it

Why not do both?

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Kevin and Sarah Arrow have marketed their businesses online since 2006, and developed online courses since 2012.

They developed a passion for marketing small businesses when people kept approaching them for help and support with their business.

As course instructors, they ensure that the most up to date learning techniques are in their learning portal, and are confident that their easy to follow training will help you get the results you're looking for!

Kevin and Sarah have 3 children, and 2 of their daughters are international martial arts champions. They also have a German Shepherd, and a cat that rules the household.

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