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Keyword Kaizen is about using words to continuously improve your content and attract buyers over browsers. When implemented you'll find an increase in traffic, subscribers and sales. Your SEO training starts here, and for many this is their perfect SEO training program.
A simple modules  that walk you through how to find what people are really looking for when they want to buy. Know exactly how to optimise your content so it's found... 

Course Curriculum

Sarah Arrow

Alice Elliot


What Sarah doesn’t know about keyword usage isn’t worth knowing. Her business growth and popularity are living proof of her success with keywords. This course pinpoints the minutiae and yet makes everything appear to be so effortless. Yet we all know her vast knowledge is a goldmine if you want to make headway with the search engines. An essential course for anyone using digital marketing.

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    Continually Improve your content by writing about what people are searching for

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Keyword Kaizen is a must have programme for any business owner or blogger who runs their own business. If you need to do your own SEO and wonder what all the fuss is about and what all those funny acronyms are and what they do, then Keyword Kaizen will enlighten you in a way that you can immediately relate to and more importantly put into practice.
Sarah Arrow takes you through from start to finish so that you understand the terminology and what to do. Invaluable if you are doing it yourself or if you outsource you will know exactly what you want done

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