Marketing Psychology For Beginners

This course delves into the marketing psychology that will help your business

Marketing Psychology Course Details:

  Many business owners and entrepreneurs want to persuade their audience (i.e. help them make the right decision) but feel that marketing psychology is icky, sleazy and manipulative. Over the years unethical advertisers have tried tricks and negative tactics to make people buy their products, and when it doesn’t work they blame psychology. If only marketing psychology worked like that…

The truth is, marketing psychology doesn’t have to be sleazy, manipulative or negative.

In fact, marketing psychology when done right can be highly effective in your communications.  Failing to understand the basics of marketing psychology and you’ll find yourself feeling down, despondent and frustrated with your conversations. You leave yourself open to unethical persuasion and the dirty tricks that make you want to throw your laptop out of the window. Get it right, and you’ll love how easy (and ethical) it really is! 

What is Marketing Psychology?

Marketing psychology has been defined as “incorporating a range of psychological principles into your content, marketing, and sales strategy.”

You can also think of marketing psychology as a way to look for patterns in humans and assess how this relates to their buying decisions.

It's important for business owners to study basic marketing psychology because most buying decisions are motivated by the needs of Maslow's hierarchy, which are psychological.

People are rarely motivated to buy services because of the basic needs of survival, such as hunger or the need for sleep, but they do commonly buy when they have the psychological needs of the upper four levels.

Our Marketing Psychology Journey

As online entrepreneurs ourselves, we initially struggled very hard with determining who we helped and supported.
 Part of that was because so-called experts insisted that we “market to ourselves 5 years ago”.
 Unfortunately, the people saying this hadn’t learned the basic marketing psychology principles, because someone at the base of Maslows’ hierarchy of needs isn’t ready to make a buying decision - they’re focusing on meeting their own basic need to survive and this prevents them from being ready to grow.  
Once we’d worked this out, and discovered Marketing Psychology we created an effective ideal client avatar and it started to convert! Boy did it convert! We had so much more of our audience identify with us, and the right people started to buy from us.  

We know with marketing psychology applied to elements of your customer conversations you’ll grow and prosper.  

I’ve created Marketing Psychology for Beginners so you can start improving your content right away!

 I’ve put together this 5 module course that will help you create an impactful experience and show you not only how to get started, but how to choose the psychology principles that will work for you.  
 But I won't stop there!    

You’ll define Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how it relates to marketing  
Identify the psychology behind buying decisions  
Describe the customer's decision-making process  
Define the key principles of psychology for marketing  
Select the best, ethically sound psychological tactics for your business

You’ll also discover what’s important in the customer’s decision making process. Many people think this module is the best module in the entire course - so many have a-ha moments here.  

 You’ll understand why marketing psychology is so important, and you’ll make a plan that will infuse your chosen elements of marketing psychology into your business.  

Marketing Psychology for Beginners Consists of:

This course is delivered by video, contains an action guide, a course book and everything you need to successfully using marketing psychology in a totally non-sleazy way.  

Imagine your life in a 3 month’s time when you have a better understanding of your prospects.

 Imagine having an audience that appreciates your content and feels happy to purchase your recommendations

 Imagine how you’ll help your new, perfect-fit clients.  

Sarah Arrow

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