Nail the Sale: Sales Conversations With Confidence!

You've generated the leads, you now just have to speak to your prospects and nail the sale... But... You're breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of a sales conversation, you start procrastinating and shoving things to one side in order to avoid having the conversation. You become superstitious (even if you've never been before) and all of a sudden you won't step on a pavement crack because it means you'll lose the sale you so desperately want...

Sound familiar, only a little less dramatic?

Mentioning sales isn't like saying Voldemort

You can't summon a curse on your calls just by mentioning the word "sales"!

But you can teach yourself how to be comfortable with sales conversations, and create pressure-free conversations that work for you.

And I'd love to show you how in "Nail the Sale" sales training course.

My current "power" tool

If I told you I was responsible for 30 million in sales a year, you'd laugh...

You see, I'm not the guy you'd look at and think "sales guru" and I'm glad, because I'm not a sales guru. I'm an entrepreneur who knuckles down and does the work in order to get the results. And you can too.

When I worked as a retail manager, the sales process for power tools was broken. They just sat on the shelves, and believe it or not, they don't actually sell themselves.

I was handed the responsibility of selling more of them, so that meant having sales conversations. And they weren't with people who were interested, hell no! They wanted to shop, and I needed to know why they weren't buying...

So there I was, on the shop floor striking up conversations with people who were walking away from power tools and going somewhere else to buy them.  

And that's when I started hearing all the sales objections you could possible imagine!

I went back to my bosses with a head full of ideas and I devised a simple and effect sales objections strategy to help the retail staff overcome objections.

Not only did the sales objection strategies work, they blew the sales targets out of the water! 

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