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Create Sales on Demand With Strategy Sessions That Sell

Are your sales stagnating?

Let’s assume that you’ve built up an engaged list of subscribers and prospective clients. It could be your LinkedIn connections, it could be your email list.

 You’re also working hard to provide them with valuable content, which establishes your reputation as an expert.

You may even have made a few paid offers to your community.

But are you making the revenue you really want? How many of the people on your list have become paying clients?

Why You Need a Healthy Business:

One of the key definitions of a business is making a healthy, sustainable profit. After all, if you only just cover your costs, or even lose money, then you don’t have a business - you have an expensive hobby.

And if you’re making only a small profit that doesn’t meet your own needs, then you’re never going to feel satisfied with your business.

In order to make the level of profit you desire, you need enough people to buy what you’re offering, and that involves selling.

For many small business owners, freelancers or solopreneurs, the idea of selling is uncomfortable. They equate it with being pushy and using ‘hard sell’ techniques that are usually seen in a used car showroom.

They shy away from sales and try to play it safe with low ticket products or services that are easy to convert. This means they're always struggling. But you know, because you're here that it doesn't have to be this way... You can design a strategy session that sells and create sales on demand. 

Let me introduce you to Leads 2 Sales

Where you can create your own strategy call process so you can generate sales whenever you need them!
No copy and pasting other people's processes and hoping it will work. Hope has never been an effective marketing strategy, so it's never going to work for sales... Here's what will work for you:  

Strategy Sessions That Sell

Identify your current rate of converting prospects into paying clients so you can decide what needs to improve... next...

Turn your Leads into clients

Pinpoint what your prospects want so you can match your offer to what they are looking for and then...

Sales Confidence

Tackle the mindset issues that block you in the sales process, so you can put aside the gremlins in your head and sell with confidence  

Who am I to teach you this?

Hi, I'm Kevin and in my family I'm the black sheep.

I'm the rebel that became an entrepreneur, and defied all expectations for failure!

The reason I've succeeded when my family predicted doom and gloom was because I'd developed skills that were intangible to them - sales and marketing skills.  

Taking these skills I first had a building company (6 figures a year), then a transport company (hit 7 figures with this one) and then after watching my incredibly talented wife struggle to make her hobby a business, I joined her and helped her create and refine a sales process, but more importantly a business with work/life balance.

It's been fantastic to support our daughters in becoming national and international martial arts champions, and have plenty of time to do all the family things we've dreamed of doing!

Oh, and I've also created the sales and launch processes for international retailers, networking organisations, other companies leading to millions in sales every year...

Leads 2 Sales is a comprehensive course that will help you reach your next level in business - take a look:

Course Curriculum

Giselle Ysidron
Founder The Sew Kids

I really appreciate Kevin's level of knowledge and expertise that he shares in his training. His advice as an experienced course creator is invaluable. 

Nigel Lowson
Wellbeing Trainer

Kevin is a quite brilliant at marketing the digital world. His ability to see to the heart of problems and offer solutions that work, fit your own skill level and in easy to understand language is most impressive. He is a joy to work with - direct, engaging, open-minded and totally decent. In short, a top person!

Susan Marot
Sales Consultant

What I really like about working with Kevin is his deep understanding of not just marketing a business, but how to actually run a business successfully. This knowledge has helped me to make considered decisions about what I need to do in order to prevent myself from wasting a lot of time and money. I especially value Kevin's honest approach to giving advice, which has always been spot on even if it is not always what I would like to hear.  If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear about marketing and business, then go elsewhere. If you want to know exactly what you need to do to be successful then speak to Kevin. His knowledge and experience is vast!

So, what do you get when you join Leads 2 Sales?
A comprehensive, 12 module video training so that you can sell with confidence using strategy sessions.

We'll walk you through each step so you know what to do and when to do it - never get stuck on a "why" or "how" again!

There's a course book (in case you don't like video), and an action guide so you can keep track of your a-ha moments and work them into your own strategy sessions. 

I've even put together a Fast Start guide which will help you stay on track and take notes as you learn the strategy session process.

Oh, and if you do get stuck? We have regular office hours where you can ask questions.

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